UHU Creativ Polysterene Foam & Craft Foils Glue 25 gr.

Reference: 47185-62929

UHU Creativ Polysterene Foam & Craft Foils Glue 25 gr.

Special formula, does not corrode extruded polystyrene. Strong bond. Colorless, little emission of odor.

Glue extruded polystyrene and worksheets, such as metal sheets, aluminum sheets, cellophane and PVC sheets. Also in combination with other materials.

UHU Creativ 'for Polystyrene and Aluminum Foil contains volatile and easily flammable solvents, therefore, appropriate precautions should be taken during use and storage.

The areas to be bonded must be dry and free of dust or grease.

The adhesive is normally applied on both surfaces. The adhesion period depends on the amount of adhesive applied and the absorption capacity of the bonding material. Firm adhesion is obtained between 5 and 20 minutes after application. The correct bonding moment is reached when the adhesive, when gently touched with your fingers, is dry to the touch (known as finger test).

You must use the special UHU Creativ Solvent for Styrofoam and Aluminum Foil or a little gasoline to remove the remaining adhesive and clean the work tools (brushes, etc.).

The product should be stored in a dry, cool place protected from frost.

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