AK real colors

AK Real Colors is an acrylic lacquer paint developed by their own laboratories. Bringing to you a whole new range of acrylic lacquer paints and another step in the evolution of their products. That has been a project they have been quietly thinking, working and developing for a long, long time.

Their objectives were for an improved chemical formula over other brands in the market and a paint of the highest quality. And finally, after all that lengthy, quiet development and testing, they have them ready for you to enjoy: Real Colors.

Just to start, a line of more than 114 references (Standard, WWII, Modern, Clear and Varnishes) perfectly suited for AFVs.

Spraying is now a real pleasure and thanks to a new chemical formula, even if you damp the surface too much, the paint stretches and dries with a nice matt finish.

Can be diluted with their own specific thinner or the ones from other brands and types: acrylic lacquer (non-vinyl), lacquer thinner, alcohol, water...

Paint adheres and dries perfectly with a soft matt finish, so you can throw on it all the treatments, punishment and weathering you love to make.

You can also easily mix Real Colors with the stock of paints from other brands you may have.

The right formula: Now, for the right color, they needed the advice and expertise some wise men have acquired on this subject. It was time for calling to The Experts.

Their knowledge on the matter is second to none. They have researched for years through official, private and industry archives about the inception, development, production and use of military colors. Their work over the original army orders and documents, has been reflected in many definitive books and articles. All these have contributed not just in bringing for modelers a wealth of new and reliable information, but helped also dispelling a lot of myths.

Only one of them is the one that will reproduce, exactly, the original mixture of pigments with the exact same curve under all of the illuminants. That is the Real Color.

With the combined effort by these experts, the study of preserved equipment and the laboratory work, that make together the most detailed and meticulous study carried out by a paint brand, we can offer you the accurate, Real Colors.

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