createx colors

The range of paints for airbrushing Createx offers a wide range of colors in different textures and are particularly suitable for airbrushing work on any medium.To work with underpasses to 0.5, reduce with either 5608 Createx Illustration Base, Wicked W100 or Auto Air 4011 Flash Reducer.
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  • opaque


    Createx Opaque offers a wide range of colors in three different sizes are particularly suitable for airbrush work on any medium.
  • fluorescent


    Neon colors which emit a glow. Work best over a white base color such Opaque White. Fluorescent colors are NOT lightfast. The color's fluorescence is due to the pigment being in a rapid state of decay. Fluorescent colors are not intended for permanent finishes.
  • pearl


    Vivid pearl base colors with a shimmering effect especially when viewed in direct light. Work best over Opaque White or Opaque Black.
  • iridescent


    Luster pearl colors similar to Pearlized Colors but with an added hue shift apparent on contours and angles of light. Iridescent Colors have a shift from a lighter hue on direct views to a darker hue on side- cast views. Work best over Opaque White or Opaque Black.
  • additives


    Wide range of complementary products for Createx. How to use,  click on the product.
  • cleaners


    Cleaning products for airbrush acrylic paint